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Our values

Our commitment

SANY was founded in 2010 and specializes in providing Statistical, Actuarial & Risk Services.  It has the necessary know-how, the appropriate software, and the required scientific personnel to carry out any project that the customer needs.

It has prepared numerous studies in the Insurance and Banking industry as well as in Private and Public commercial companies.

The scientific team of SANY is composed by qualified and highly skilled professionals with significant experience in the field of actuarial studies which are dedicated to our clients.

SANY has been collaborating with the Department of Statistics and Economics of the Athens University of Economics.


Since 2023 SANY offers Climate Change & Sustainability Services.


• Dedication to understand customers' needs
• Planning of effective solutions adapted to the needs of each client.
• Competitive pricing

To recognize and understand each customer’s needs and to offer continuous support in choosing the appropriate solutions as part of an effective collaboration

SANY has succeeded in creating long-term partnerships in the field of Insurance Companies as well as in the field of Commercial Companies, with leading companies in their sector as well as with some of the largest companies listed on the Greek Stock Exchange Market.

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